• Price: $3500
  • Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

Best time to come:

  • December to October

Type of transport:

  • 4WD Safari Landrover


  • Tent
  • Bed roll
  • Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Park Fees
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Soft drinks
  • Refreshments


  • Chobe National Park
  • Kasane
  • Serondela
  • Victoria falls
  • Linyanti
  • Savuti
  • Moremi Game Reserve
  • Okavango Delta

Basking in the sun

Day 1: Arrival, Chobe river & Chobe National Park

Our tour start at the airport in Kasane, or at the border to Zimbabwe. Transfer from Victoria Falls Airport to the border is (at the time of writing) an additional $50.

After arrival we start of with a boat cruise on Chobe river, which make up the boarder between Botswana and its neighbouring countries to the north as well as the northern border of Chobe National Park.

After the boat cruise we head to the camp inside of Chobe National Park. This is a game drive, so right from the get go of day one we will be experiencing the wild life of Botswana to the fullest.

We expect to arrive at the camp around five pm, with time to shower before we end this first day with dinner, served by the camp fire.

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

African Buffalo - Botswana Safari Tours

Day 2: Serondela, Chobe National Park

After breakfast we head out on a morning game drive in the northeastern part of the park, Serondela which is mainly mad up of lush floodplains and dense woodland (mainly hardwoods like mahogany and teak). We expect to be back at camp at around 11.30. At this point lunch will be served, and afterwards there will be time to relax in the shade before the afternoon game drive at 16:30.

The second game drive of the day lasts until the park close, and we return back to the camp where dinner will be served.

• Buffalo
• Elephant
• Giraffe

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

African Buffalo - Botswana Safari Tours
South African cheetah - Botswana Safari Tours

Day 3: Linyanti, Chobe National Park

Today we leave for Linyanti after an early breakfast. Linyanti is located in the northwest corner of the park, and is made up of both open and riverine woodlands, as well as lagoons and flood plains.
We arrive in Linyanti for lunch, after which we have time to relax before the afternoon game drive at 16:00, and will be out until the park close..

• Lion
• Leopard
• Red Lechwe
• Hippo

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

Lechwes - Botswana Safari Tours

Day 4: Linyanti, Chobe National Park

Our second day in Linyanti.
We have an early breakfast before the morning game drive, and back to camp for lunch at 11:30. There will be time to relax and have a shower before we head out on the afternoon game drive at 16:00.

• African Wild Dog
• Roan Antelope
• Sable Antelope
• Sitatunga

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

Lechwes - Botswana Safari Tours
Impala - Botswana Safari Tours

Day 5: Savuti, Chobe National Park

Today we head to Savuti. This is the western part of the national park, and it used to be a large inland lake, but because of tectonic activity, the water supply has been cut a long time ago, and, as a consequence to the same tectonic activity, the Savuti channel that runs here sometimes dries up for long periods of time, and then flows with water again.

After an early start we expect to arrive around lunch. At 16:00 we depart for the evening game view before the park close.

• Kudu
• Impala
• Rhinoceros

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

African wild dog - Botswana Safari Tours

Day 6: Savuti, Chobe National Park

This is the second day in Savuti, and because of the erratic water supply the Savuti channel dried up between 1982 and 2010. As a result there are a lot of dead trees on the river bank.

After breakfast we’ll depart for the morning drive, which lasts until lunch. After a meal there’s time for relaxation before our afternoon drive that will start at 16:00 and lasts until the park close.

• Warthog
• Wildebeest
• Hyenas

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

African wild dog - Botswana Safari Tours
- Botswana Safari Tours

Day 7: Moremi Game Reserve

Today we are heading to Moremi Game Reserve, on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta. Moremi is a game reserve, not a national park, this means the local people living here before the classification, the BaSarwa, was allowed to stay and keep on living in the reserve.

We will arrive around lunch time, eat and relax until we depart on our afternoon game drive.

• Black Rhinoceros
• Impala
• Jackal

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

Lion in Moremi Game Reserve

Day 8: Moremi Game Reserve

As per usual we head out on a game drive after breakfast, a drive that lasts until lunch, at which time we’ll rest, and shower before the afternoon drive at 16:00.

Since 1989 there has been a project running where researchers have put collars on the Cape wild dogs living in this reserve – one of the most significant extant habitat areas for East African Wild Dogs.

• Cape wild dog
• Lion
• Cape Buffalo

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

Lion in Moremi Game Reserve
African Fish Eagle - Botswana Safari Tours

Day 9: Okavango Delta

Today we have another early morning wake up, and we will drive to the Okavango Delta. This is a large swampy inland delta, and is listed both as one of the "Seven Natural Wonders of Africa", as well as the UNESCO World Heritage List.

We arrive at the delta around lunch time, and there will be time to rest during the warmest part of the day, before we again head out at 16:00 for the evening game drive. We will back at camp just before the park close.

• Cheetah
• Vervet Monkey
• African fish eagle

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

Greater kudu - Botswana Safari Tours

Day 10: Okavango Delta

Our second day in Okavango Delta. The delta is produced by seasonal flooding from the rainfalls in the Angolan highlands through the Okavango river in January - February, and later in the year (March - June) the water is evaporated after it has spread out over an area of 15,000 square km (5,800 square miles).

We will have breakfast before the morning drive, and return back to camp at 11:30 for lunch, rest and shower. At 16:00 we once more depart for the afternoon game drive. This will be the last game drive of the safari. We’ll be back at camp for dinner when the park close.

• Crested Crane
• Sacred Ibis
• Greater kudu

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours

Greater kudu - Botswana Safari Tours
Grasslands - Botswana Safari Tours

Day 11: Maun airport, departure

This is the last day of the safari, and after an early morning wake up and breakfast, we’ll be on our way to Maun airport for your departure back home.

Photo: Botswana Safari Tours